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Sci-fi apartment complex (WIP UDK Environment)


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Alright I'll stop polluting the WIP thread and post updates here from now on. Feedback has been really useful so far, so keep it up guys!

Progress on this scene can be seen on this polycount thread for those interested.

Tonight's lighting test: Still a long way to go but I'm starting to like it.


I also made another tests with different light colors. I think I'll post them tomorrow (they are rendered with preview quality atm which looks like shit).

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Great Mino! I think you have a great level of detail at the moment, I think it'd be nice with some subtle differences in height on the floor perhaps. Maybe around the flowerbeds they could be one step up or something? I'm not sure if it would only make things more busy or if it'd actually bring anything to the scene tho, but would be interesting to see :)

Anyways, great job on this! I really like it so far. Colors, style and lighting is excellent!

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Looks much improved! One crit, the 'cone' area affected by the spotlights above the "Zest" sign seems to be too far down, they should be up near the lights.. they look to have been closer to the lights in your earlier screenshots. Perhaps the cones are too defined as well, they don't match the light prop.

And I agree with PhilK on the height variation! You've got these great curved floor patterns, perhaps at one of those curves make it step up(or down.. hmm) a bit?


forgive the horrid photoshopping, I stink at it and I'm on my laptop :XD:

The planter should probably be centered up on the raised section, too. But I really like that floor pattern you have goin on, and it deserved to be accented a bit :v

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Can't say I really see an apartment feel in these areas, need more room numbers and doors?

Nice areas though, don't get me wrong, awesome work :)

One thing I did notice in all shots is how you bend two sides across a corner in the ceiling light fixtures.

I think it would look better if all four light fixtures were the same and the small connecting corner was

an access plate where the fuses are for the lights and whatnot. Did a quick Photoshop on one corner to

illustrate my meaning:


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It's a minor detail, but that vent texture up the top right corner bugs me, the vent passes through the roof apparently.

Good call, I'll fix that.

@Wesley: I really need to model some doors and signs but I got a little carried away with the lighting :) I've made countless versions of this level with different color schemes in the past 2 weeks and this is the one I'm happier with. I think I'll warm it up a little just like it was before though. As for the bent light: I'll fix that!

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Awesome! I also liked the more warm light as the primary lighting before, but this kind of blue (or even a bit more saturated) would still surely look good as a secondary color for the light in general. I think it's good you may move a bit more towards the warmer in general.

The meshes are really good and work well together. I love what you did with those "holes" in the ground in the big room filled with plants. Maybe you could lit those up with some really strong blueish lighting while having the rest of the room rely more on the warmer sunlight (even tho it'd make sense to also use actual sun lighting for the plants directly as well :))

Nice job as always mino! keep it up

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