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Kind of an oddball question, what are some ways of measuring objects in an isometric type picture. I've been planning on recreating Tristram from D1 for awhile now and before I really start, I'd like to make sure I've got some good approximations of everything in the town. I tried it before but I found my measurements never coming out consistently...


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I would scale the map until the straight angles (walls and such) are all 45 degrees. Then I would rotate the map 45 degrees to get a map to use as base. Made a quick illustration of this. The good thing is that you would be able to bring this into a 3dpackage and extrude shapes directly from the map layout.

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Great tips, guys. I would have never thought such techniques.

Isometric is strange compared to (what I am used to, anyway) regular projections. You may even be able to create a vanishing point to create a single "unit", & then flatten it, so it stays the same scale in spite of depth.

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there are no vanishing points in isometrics, and there is no real depth or change of scale across an isometric projection.

the whole point of isometrics is, originally, measurability, so that once you know one measurement along either the x, y, or z axis, you can reliably measure anything else that lies on those axes (this has already been said).

i know that's not as helpful as some of the other posts, but i thought i'd clear that up.

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