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oh and btw, bit OT but, I found this on Polycount :quagmire:

John Carmack tells NASA officials that making videogames is more complicated than rocket science (about 40 seconds in).

So, from now on when someone says to you 'Well, what you do is hardly rocket science is it?' You can reply 'no, it's more difficult.'

If this guy is not a huge inspiration, what is...?

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As we were walking out of Carmack's keynote, who did we see sitting quietly in the back minding his own business but Richard Garriott. My wife wanted to shake his hand, but by the time she worked up the courage, he had already gone up on stage to get ready for his space trip presentation (which was stupid amounts of awesome). So much for asking when Ultima Online 2 will become a reality. :lol:

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