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[UDK] Custom SkyDome


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Hi, im currently working on a project at Vancouver Film School's game design program and i ran into a question of how would i go about attempting to make a custom skydome for udk.

We are thinking of painting the sky for one level and using photos for another. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of a tutorial or perhaps a list of steps.

Thanks :)

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Well, easiest way IMO is to just create a sphere, flip the faces and delete the underside so it is half a sphere.

Top down- Planar map it and then go into Unwrap editor and Relax the UVs.

Then simply export it as a regular mesh and import it as a static mesh in UDK. You can then set stuff like no shadow casting or collision on that object.


Planar mapping the object will give you no seams automatically, but it can be tough if you want to paint in a city skyline or something at the horizon. Then you'd probably want to split up the UV into a side strip where you just paint your city stuff on a horizontal texture and then maybe only have half of the half sphere's top part planar mapped top down.

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Oh.. And also if you're ever going to see the ground part of the skysphere of course you need to extend your half sphere. Stuff at the bottom can usually just be stretched out from the last few pixels in the texture if it's ok to have pretty much a solid color there. :)

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