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Breaking Bad

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I just want to revise my previous statement about "change" a man goes through when money is involved. I was somehow reminded by @Thrik's post -- although he doesn't talk about that, I remember discussing it with other people.

Walter doesn't really change, I mean, sure he was never a man able to kill when he started, but his true nature was unmasked when confronting the old friend of the startup: to me he looks like he had always been greedy. He doesn't regret not "making it" in terms of being famous, just the money. Money is the way to measure power to him. (Frank Underwood would be disappointed ahem)

I think it was rather apparent from the get-go that he was bitter about a lot of things. I can't remember exactly but I thought he left that company because of his disabled son. I think he blamed that on Skylar. When the company became a huge success I think he blamed them for not recognizing his work (especially in the last season when they appear on TV). He blamed Skylar for not appreciating him working two jobs and controlling his live. Remember that loveless choir of a hand job he got for his birthday in the first episode? Walter was a man disappointed and frustrated with his life in general. 

The way I see it, he started out cooking meth because he didn't want to leave his family with a lot of debt. Because he did actually love them. What happened though, is that by doing so, he was forced to do things in order to survive. This freed him from the cage he had been living in. He noticed he was not only smart, but capable of a lot more then what he could imagine. Greed wasn't the factor. It was power. Not being bullied around anymore. What we saw was a man that was fed up and took control. Unfortunately, it turned him into a bully and his arrogance was rather appalling. But at least he didn't take any shit from nobody anymore. 

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Yeah sure Sprony, he knows he's dying and what he embarks into is a work of love (despite the unexciting love life). What I mean that when he finds out he will be able to enjoy the fruit of his work, he's big time greedy.

Then I might be forgetting details as I've seen the show now at least one year ago. (Shit, already!)

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