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Breaking Bad

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I watched the first three episodes of Season 1.. wow, that's some intense shit.. I'm hooked!


Is it wrong that I couldn't stop laughing during the

acid bath



Every season has got better and better so far. If you loved the first three episodes you're in for a treat :D

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3 million per episode sounds about right for a show of this quality and practical on site shooting, I'm assuming they do a lot of on location work, which is very expensive. Each season as the show bec

yeah, I can't believe nobody got shot yet. The biggest injuries must be Walt's after rolling down the car seat. pff.


I think Walk gave up too easily. Of course, the scene continues on the next epi, so I'm sure something cool will happen. But I thought "Walt Heisenberg-mode" wouldn't give a shit about having Hank killed and should stay hidden while his gangsta crew arrived to clean the shit out.


Beautiful photography and great tense moments, though. Good epi, but the end got me a little disappointed :v

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