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TF2 Maps/VALVE Art Pass Contest

sarge mat

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Everyone keeps saying that. What's wrong with huge sightlines? There are a bunch on Gold Rush that are utterly crucial.

Same with the semi-building off the grid -- that's what avoids the cookie-cutter syndrome of a lot of maps. You can definitely tell when everything's in increments of 64 and 128. It looks boring.

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Goldrush is well balanced, but these sightlines will kill it, in my opinion.

A skilled Sniper or a wrangler Engineer will certainly dominate everyone. However I spotted nice alternative routes so it may be good.

I completely detailled the RED spawn, I made a big warehouse with turbines and shit, but I don't really know what to do with the small corridor and the windows leading to the C cap. :D

(I'm going for a Gorge theme by the way).

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Goldrush isn't really all that well balanced. You can see the stats here: http://www.steampowered.com/status/tf2/tf2_stats.php And Goldrush doesn't really stand out from the others (not like shitfests like Hydro :lol: ), but in my experience on most random servers defense has a big advantage over attack, especially now when a wrangler engineer can just put one on top RED spawn, point it at the cart tunnel, and close it off as well as if he just bricked it up. With the wrangler that first part of the map is now by far the biggest obstacle, even over the final cap, which was previously a massive D spamfest.

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