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I never feared death before and don't know. In fact, since i saw my grandpa die, i understand that there's a moment for everything and that in certain situations, death is just the best thing that can happen, it's the right thing. This of course doesn't apply to death in accidents or something, but that was my fate i'm sure it would've happened already.

Besides that, i was talking about death a few months ago with a good friend of mine and when i asked her if she'd like to be immortal she said "not yet" :D

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I do not believe in a afterlife, if there is a heaven/hell that must be some overcrowded place by now.

The universe is the ultimate recycler tough, so reincarnation might just work, after all the universe is a big place.

And sometimes I believe that whatever you believe is what you will expirience in the last second of your life :)

But the most simple awnser is usualy right and that means there is nothing after death besides what you leave behind (children).

Do I fear death?

No as long as its quick, but thats only because I don't really have anything to live for at this moment.

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