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I've had a map sitting on my PC for a while now that I made for Neotokyo, not often that I release full maps so I thought I'd post it on here so you guys can give it a go and let me know what you think. For those of you with Neotokyo the download link is below, cheers, feedback is more than welcome :)

http://neotokyo-league.com/internal/bet ... ya_ctg.rar


http://www.filefactory.com/file/b286cc1 ... ya_ctg.rar






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Damn, that looks sweet. Nice with some colors.

Only crit I'd have is that the signs do not seem to emit any light, I think you could benefit by having a bit darker ambient and let them illuminate the scene more. Also it seems some models are a bit off in lighting.

Otherwise, kickass stuff!

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Thanks :) yeah lighting was a bit of a bugbear to be honest, basically i did what you've just suggested with it a while ago but i had to have some comprimise in there. Every single sign/light source in the scene has it's own light associated with it, and all the sign lights have a radius so as not to overpower each other and so the colours could be seperated nicely. Due to this the radii (??) couldn't be too far reaching, so didn't reach a lot of the cars on the road, or at least weren't bright enough to light them up.

Therefore most of the lighting affecting the models had to come from the ambient light and the moonlight. I didn't really put any moonlight in there as it made the scene too bright and i wanted a dark and moody theme across the level, and the ambient had to be kept low as i had dark underground subway areas and whatnot that i wanted to stay that way.

I tried to seperate the underground and above areas with colour correction zones so i could have one brighter and one dark, yet i encountered a bug where if i smashed some of the glass in the scene the colour correction would turn off altogether, and i couldn't get around this, so i ended up using one set of colour correction for the entire level.

So overall i had to reach a middleground where all the signs were giving off 'some' light, yet the scene was still dark enough and the models were lit just enough so as not to appear way too dark :)

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