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TEXTURE SET: PK02 - Source/TGA versions


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Here is the texture set I was set to release today.

It is basically revamped versions of old NS textures I made a long time ago ((most) not used at all in NS anymore and I have clearance to release this).

I tried keeping a theme of mostly whiteish, blackish and yellow. There are also number and letter decals included.

I decided to release one HL2 Source version and one with just pure .TGAs for anyone to use as they want.

The Source set contains 98 materials.


Source version: http://philipk.net/portfolio/textures/pk02_source.zip

TGA version: http://philipk.net/portfolio/textures/pk02_tga.zip

Image of a few ones in the set:


Hope there may be some people finding this useful :)

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thx guys.

Are uncompressed normal maps really worth the memory? There are some 5 mb VTFs here.

About that I was very unsure about going that way with it. I may as well just compres it with DXT5 tbh. I think the loss will be minimal espcially since I dont really have anything critical in terms of beveling or perfect gradients in the normal. So that is a good point.

On the other hand tex memory is a bit less of a problem nowdays. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give a shit about older PCs etc when building stuff. So yeah, I think it might be a good idea just reexporting those with DXT5 compression and it'd minimized the file size significantly.

Thanks man. Brought up a good point there.

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