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[Finished] Utopia (SP level for Crysis and Crysis:Wars)


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Hey, everybody. Utopia is a single player level for Crysis and Crysis:Wars. It has been in development for around 5 weeks (in my spare time). This is my first level with the C.E.2 Sandbox 2 Editor, in fact this is my first SP level ever! It was made from scratch and I had to learn the tools along the way.

The level is large and takes around 90+ minutes to complete. It has non-linear gameplay which I hope you will find challenging and interesting. There are a total of 11 objectives to complete with 3 cinematic sequences.


May 21, 2012:

Defense Department intel has reported the North Koreans are developing an ICBM on a remote island in the South Pacific with the codename "Utopia". Infiltrate "Utopia" island, destroy the ICBM, free the hostage and complete various mission related objectives.


• Playable in both Crysis and Crysis:Wars (SP)

• Exciting story with challenging gameplay and several objectives that unfold depending on the route you take.

• Dynamic Custom music.

• Manually placed vegetation

• "Real Lifesis" TOD created by Cry-Puppy

• 3 Exciting Cutscenes.

• Varied AI (patrolling, smoking, working).

• Advanced AI navigation.

• Custom temple model created by N@ural=UK=

• Custom textures and materials

• Custom sound dialogue and music clips

• 90 + minutes gametime

• Non-Linear gameplay with multiple paths

• High detail environment


th_Utopia13.jpg th_Utopia14.jpg th_Utopia15.jpg

th_Utopia06.jpg th_Utopia12.jpg th_Utopia09.jpg

th_Utopia03.jpg th_Utopia04.jpg th_Utopia07.jpg

th_Utopia05.jpg th_Utopia02.jpg th_Utopia01.jpg

th_Utopia11.jpg th_Utopia10.jpg th_Utopia08.jpg


Download Link:

http://ul.to/gkxu5d (53.79Mb)

Comments and crits welcome !


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