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[tf2] koth_fissure


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koth_fissure is a king of the hill map for VALVe's Team Fortress 2. (duh!)

My intention with this map was to explore avariation of the gameplay where the battle would be decided mainly away from the capture point itself. In order to maintain control of the middle, a team must secure the area right outside of the enemy team's base, pushing them back to the cavern before it.

The map is set in a mining structure that cuts through a steep valley, serving well my desire to convey a sense of danger and instability.

Download link

Your comments are very welcome! Do'nt be shy!

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Just tested it, nothing to say for the design, it's well made :) I lost myself in it btw :-D we'll play it on the server I play, maybe you will come to play with us like you did for aerospace.

Most certainly! I'll be on Steam so just le me know and I'll jump right in.

Just, I hit spawn door each time on scout.

What do you mean?

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Hi everyone.

Map has been updated to b6 now. Download link

Changes include:

- Trains will sweep over the CP from time to time (if you are lucky, the very middle is safe)

- Better lightning

- Better clips to avoid getting stuck on geometry (still missed a few places)

- Better pick-ups distribution

- Blocked off most of the pits

Know issues:

- Bot navigation is still early wip

Thanks for all the feedback. Please let me know what you guys think ;)






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