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TF2 Engineer update!!!1


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I think all the menu changes coincided with the MAC/STEAM thing.

Do the gold models disappear at the same rate as regular dead models?

I reckon they do, can't have the entire map filled with golden corpses now can we? :o

Oh and the latest reveal is the remote control for the turret. Apparently it has a shield and fires faster, but (obviously) won't select its own targets and will have a 3 second cooldown after you're done. If this is any indication, then I was right; They're not changing any of the buildings, but rather the engie's equipment. I just wonder if the last upgrade will be a silver wrench, then :D

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I can't wait for this, since the Engineer is my second most played class.

The map kinda looks like ass from the pictures though, I hope it's just because of the grain on the pics. But I can't wait to check it out since Payload is my favorite game mode and TF2 lacks good PL maps. (not counting Gold Rush and Badwater, of course).

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