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Best mice for teh level designz?


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I'm using a G5v2 for everything, work and gamming. (I also have two, one to use at work and one at home) The only thing people complain about when use my mouse for brief seconds is that the scroll wheel is way too hard, but i guess i got used to it.

As a pad, i use a steelseries one.

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Best mice for any kind of design work are those with lots of buttons and a higher-than-average DPI I think. I particularly like Logitech's, especially the newer ones that come with sideways scrolling as I can use them as regular buttons too. I've been very happy with this one at work as a good balance between a price that keeps managers happy and performance that keeps me happy:


http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/mice-poin ... vices/5743

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I use a Logitech G9, but the scroll wheel does not like to be depressed and held, so I don't recommend it if you have to use that button a lot (like measuring distance in UnrealEd). Other than that issue, it works great. Lots of buttons, on-the-mouse controls for DPI increasing/decreasing, free scroll or click scroll settings on the mouse, and with the right weight and grip, it's super comfortable for long periods of use.

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