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I hate Steam...


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WTF! Every time I open that damn program, my bank account gets smaller!!!!

OF COURSE I'm going to buy Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition + Awakening for $54...

How can I save $2000 to build a new machine if I keep buying games all the time?!?!

... I hate you Steam... I really, really do...

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I can completely relate to this :) Beeing bored and having Steam open is a bad combination for me and my wallet. I buy many smaller games which I wouldn't even know about if it wasn't for Steam (which is a very good thing in a way). The costs aren't that steep, but sadly they do stack >_< So yeah, it's a bit too easy to buy games from $team sometimes :)

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i don't buy anything off steam since they localised the prices, except a couple of indie games. even during the sales everything is way more expensive than literally anywhere else. fallout 3 was reduced from £30 RRP to £15 last week, when the standard price on play.com is £13.

That isn't completely true, they've got some good offers every now and then. I remember Metro 2033 being a recent example for a good deal. However by far not every price promotion is one. It seems like publishers keep the price up on Steam and do not incrementally reduce it like retailers do. Then they run temporary ZOMG 50% OFF!!!!11 price promotions and users go apeshit. In reality this often only means that the game's price touches the physical retail price for a short amount of time and then goes up again. So yea, it's still worth comparing prices, because the notion that digital delivery decreases the costs of distribution and these savings are given on to the consumer doesn't necessarily hold true in practice...

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While the standard prices on most games might not be particularly impressive, then those offers they run regularly are totally unmatched! Just this week you have offers like Crysis for 10 bucks or Burnout: Paradise for 3-4 bucks. At these prices for top games, then nobody should be able to complain about video games being too expensive anymore.

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