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SWATY: Nice map. Could look better with some custom textures and a better backdrop though! Another problem is that the atmosphere/color palette doesn't fit the theme imo.

This is the color palette that comes to mind when I think of disney:




or maybe even Spirited Away, which valve used as inspiration for TF2 textures:



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Sorry about that. Here's some feedback:

- Theme isn't really fitting for TF2

- Texturing is odd, especially using sound insulation as a wall and roof

- Same goes for the use of the blue and red hazard stripes, the colors are a bit extreme for their use

- Styling is mismatched, with a lot of red/blue elements juxtaposed

- The texturing is repetitive (same white wood) and the map feels lacking in detail beyond the brushwork geometry

- Displacements could use serious work, very choppy

- There are some massive sight lines for snipers

- Gameplay is pretty flat

And to paraphrase someone else, the map looks like what people were making in the 2 months after TF2's release, before figuring out that TFC-style maps don't work with TF2's art style.

(Also, I've only posted once in any of his other threads here and it wasn't inflammatory so I'm not sure where this is coming from)

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