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indie game: rocket armadillo


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a friend of mine was making a simple facebook game and i couldn't help myself i just HAD to contribute some artwork for him because nobody is gonna play something that is just grey spheres and cubes:


its ad supported so consider adding this page to your adblocker greenlist

the focus here was definitely on simplicity making a game that you can basically control with one button is pretty hard

and yes its basically the same thing that they did in donkey kong country ^^

its still actively being developed/ updated so you see any bugs or stuff post em :)

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the background is 3d, i noticed it after i died the 100th time :P

But yeah, I agree. Some more clevererer level design would take this game to another level. Also some engaging story as to why you are a rocket armadillo would also be cool. There wasnt really any incentive to continue after you die

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Love the character and colourful style. The feeling of being a such a rocket armadillo comes across pretty well but man...It plays unforgiving :)

Being able to see more of the game field would be awesome, giving a better overview and allowing to plan combos. Rocketing as the pinball in an endless pinball machine tube comes to mind.

I´ll be off trying it again.

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