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iPhone 4


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Last July I dropped my 3G phone and had serious hw issues. thankfully I was still under the 1 year warranty that saved me quite a bit to replace my phone. I bought another year of protection for $70 bucks. I must admit given how fragile these phones are and how important they are, they are one of the few devices I would ever get the warranty for since the replacement cost without a new contract is a LOT.

And yeah, I am glad I skipped 3GS and will probably take advantage of the 6-months-upgrade-early-deal-thingy since my contract expires in Nov this year.

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Sweet jesus, they finally put a decent camera on the thing. OK so 5 megapixels with flash is only on par with my two-year-old phone but that's fine — it was the only thing holding me back as I always seem to get opportunities to take photos of amusing/random things. :cool:

Nothing else particularly intrigues me beyond what the iPhone could already do (I can't imagine wanting to see people's faces while talking to them on the phone in most situations), but I think this is enough to coax me onto the iPhone bandwagon. :oops:

What are the iPhone's competitors like at the moment? HTC and Nexus and all that shieeeeeeeet. I've not looked into this for ages.

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199$ Isnt that cheap for a touch phone?

Nope, not when u have a 2(US), 3(CAN) year contract to go with it :P

Yeah, that's the thing.. this fucking contracts! I am not interested in contracts, never was never will be.

When the 3G was released, I bought it Portugal for 500€ without a contract, which is nice! But here in germany, since T-Mobile has the exclusivity of the iPhone you NEED to have a contract to go along with it. Even in that this country is retarded.

Does anyone here knows a way where I can just pay a sum amount of moneyz and buy one? Apart from ebay.

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