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[Maxscript] UIMod = Advanced UI for modifiers


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Yeah. Well you can save multiple modifiers in one button. And it saves also the values of all the properties of the modifiers.

You can see in the video that I changes some properties, checked some options, changed values, ...

So if there is a combination of modifiers you use a lot you can just make a button out of it.

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Thanks :) Nice to hear there is interest in this script.

If you got errors or requests. Just let me know.

Btw, right clicking a button gives you the properties of the button. you can edit the color and name of a button.

In the next version you can chose the position, width, ... of the button. So more options to customize your UI.

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I think the idea seems nice (I haven't tried it yet), but from the looks of it you still and always will need the right hand menu for a lot of things such as connect/attach/cut/etc etc.. anyway, so if you have that menu showing you might as well also use the max default buttons? Still it looks like the script seems to work excellent and user friendly, sadly it's nothing I can use as I use max a lot. I recently installed max 2011 and reconfigured my keyboard and menus as well and my work flow is pretty fast because of it now, I just don't see it getting any faster using the script you made (and that's what scripts are meant to do). I guess if you could add all buttons and menus you wanted in your script and it runs in expert mode as a floating menu it might be cool to be able and use the full screen layout of max though. Just giving my 2 cents hope you're ok with it :)

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