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MapCore on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter)


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I went ahead and created a MapCore twitter account: http://twitter.com/mapcore

I was inspired by polycount's new twitter feed and the work they've been highlighting, and figured even though our community is smaller that it might help bring some more exposure to some stellar work here. So, if you're on twitter, follow up... shamelessly retweet and promote stuff... and we'll see if it goes anywhere.

First up is a shout-out for insta's Mission Improbable pack... I'll try to keep highlighting excellent wip and finished work threads as they pop up. Enjoy!

MapCore members on Twitter, current to April 8th, 2012:

3Dnj: @3Dnj

AlexM: @InfStateMachine

Campaignjunkie: @radiatoryang
channie: @channie
csyver: @csyver

deceiver: @jobyek

FrieChamp: @friedrichbode
Froyok: @Froyok
Furyo: @froughol

generalvivi: @generalvivi

Hourences: @hourences
HP: @HelderHP

Jake Gilla: @JakeGilla

KungFuSquirrel: @kungfusquirrel

Minos: @leveldesign
Minos: @thiagoklafke

Nysuatro: @Nysuatro

Psy: @aarongarcha

sarge mat: @matseffect
seir: @leveldesign_org
Skjalg: @skjalgsm

Taylor: @tayl1r
Thrik: @thrik

Warby: @soenke_c_seidel

Zacker: @Michael_Zacker
zaphod: @NimbleDave
Zyndrome: @Evstrand


The MapCore LinkedIn group is now over 3 years old and growing strong every day with new MapCore members, industry recruiters and students. By joining the group, you get first hand contact with hundreds of experienced professionals looking to expand their network, share their insight on the games industry, or for their next challenge.

To join the group, simply click on this link : http://www.linkedin....ular=&gid=74499 Edited by Furyo
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Valid concern, skdr, though I think I'll be able to keep up for a little while. Hopefully you guys will pick up the pace and I'll have to enlist a little help! :)

Also, since people started posting their own twitter accounts, mine is: http://twitter.com/kungfusquirrel and I'll go ahead and sticky this for future reference. Thanks for the support, too! I wasn't expecting any stellar number of followers, but so far there's been more than I expected.

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