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SimonOC / Sock Photo Thread


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I always try to take a ton of pictures of places I visit and this is a collection of stuff I have finally got around to organized into albums. I know these pictures are not amazing quality, (I am still learning) they are mostly about me creating mental reminders for ideas later on. As always, any suggestions on how to do things different, let me know.

The Buda Reformed Church


A beautiful church with an unusual floor plan crowned with vibrant coloured tiles and various architectural symmetry lines. I have been wanting to create a photo album for this church for some time, but only recently got all the background information I needed.

The Great Market Hall


Carrying on with my fascination of Neogothic Hungarian architecture is the Great Market Hall. Even thou it has been repaired recently it still looks awesome with richly coloured brick patterns and classic Zsolnay tiles.

St. Elizabeth Church


Here is another hidden treasure of Budapest which I found while wandering around the streets looking lost. What surprised me the most about this church is that it was built by Imre Steindl who is more famously known for building the Hungarian Parliament.

The Hungarian Parliament Building


This magnificent landmark is the crowning jewel in the architectural landscape of the city of Budapest with a symmetrical Neogothic facade, a sea of windows on all sides and a towering dome in the middle. (Plus it is free to get inside if you are from the EU)

Berlin Aquadom


If you need a reason for a quick weekend visit to Berlin then the Aquadom is something that is not to be missed. A tranquil home for 2600 fish and 56 species swimming around in over 900,000 litres of seawater. The feeding of the fish and the cleaning of the fish tank is performed daily by a pair of full-time divers.

Pergamon Museum


The Islamic Art Museum is housed in the upper part of the Pergamon Museum and contains a wealth of fabric and ceramic exhibitions including the famous Mshatta facade. The ceramic pray altars were a breathtaking sight of beauty constructed from uniquely designed glazed tiles perfectly locked together.

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Istanbul - Hagia Sophia


The Hagia Sophia has been rebuilt three times and suffered through several earthquakes, the building is a classic example of Byzantine architecture with a huge 102ft wide dome standing 180ft tall supported by giant stone columns. The space inside of the building is amazing because of the dome; photo's could be better, sadly over bright.

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Istanbul - Ceramic Tiles


The Topkapi Palace was the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years (1465 - 1856) and home to over 4,000 people at the height of its existence. Much of the inner areas of the palace were decorated with richly coloured Iznik and Kütahya tiles with many repeating patterns spread across multiple tile sets creating unique and interesting wall designs.

@KungFuSquirrel, I am glad you and matt like them, I have a couple more sets to add over the next couple of weeks.

As a bonus for anyone here that is interested in source textures I have included links to TGA files on each of the tile pages. I have corrected most of the lens distortion and rotation errors but if anyone wants to really use them, the images will require colour balance and tiling correctly.

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Athens - The Parthenon


The Parthenon is the crowning glory of Athens, standing tall atop of the Acropolis surrounded on all sides by a sea of urbanization far below. Sadly the temple has suffered much misfortune over the years and in 1687 the Ottoman Turks used the Acropolis for the storage of gunpowder, which partly destroyed the temple when it was struck by a Venetian mortar.

I especially liked the piles of stonework (ideal cover) lying around the site and scaffolding for interesting urban site detail.

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A summer trip to Italy ...

(if you want larger images, click on the large button)

Italy - Rome, Saint Peter's Basilica


Italy - Rome, Trevi Fountain


Italy - Rome, Jesuit Church of the Gesù Church


Italy - Rome, Sant'Ignazio di Loyola Church


Italy - Rome, Santi Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso Church


Italy - Rome, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church


A winter trip to Japan ...

(if you want larger images, click on the large button)

Japan - Tokyo, Various Shrines


Japan - Tokyo, Magokoro Statue


Japan - Narita, Shinshō-ji Temple


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@Term!nator525, yep totally understand. I have been lurking at these forums for years, always a good read.

@Grimmsorg, good point! I have changed the thread title to reflect my name as well. I always thought people used nicks here.

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More stuff from summer trip to Italy ...

(if you want larger images, click on the large button)

Italy - Siena, Cathedral and Piccolomini Library


Italy - Florence, San Miniato al Monte


Italy - Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore


Italy - Pisa, La Piazza del Duomo


@Jake Gilla, glad you like them, yes the first church is one of my favourite's because of the design.

@cardo, yeah man book a trip, travel around Europe!

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