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Ok, since you pwn, I trust you can do this:

1200-1300 poly budget

hl texture limit, two 512 px max.

Please skinmesh.

The model must oppose this team in similar enviroments:


Be creative, terrorist/arab/mysterious hi-tech/etc. It has to fit. I'm leaving it up to you for freedom.

Good luck, hope you do it ;)

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A marine dropship for a Natural Selection map. The dropship isn't very big and is placed in the hangar of a spaceship. It is supposed to look "in the style" of the marine dropships seen in "Aliens" (the 2nd movie of the Alien trilogy), "Starship Troopers" or similar sci-fi movies. The dropship is closed so there is no interior needed. If you can, give it a try at skinning it. I would appreciate your help :)


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Guest The_Postman

A delapidated (sp?) old building for my BF42 mod (if it has internal structure of floors, walls and stairs, there's a cookie in it for ya ;D).

Think old housing tenement.

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