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My interview at Ubisoft France was a 30 minutes one on one, then going to Montreal was a 15 minutes phone conversation that was more about what project I wanted to go on rather than "do I qualify?" questions

Then Crytek came about, and that was a 6 hours stay, lunch with the entire team, play Crysis 2 and another prototype and give feedback then a 20 minutes exercice to design a MP level from scratch.

So it seems interviews are only getting harder as time goes on :)

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lol Crycore is the new Grincore. Congrats Ginger!

regarding topic:

I only had three interviews at game studios yet. The one at Grin wasn't really a job interview. Basicly the boss welcomed me and showed me the studio. The rest of the day i hung out with Evert etc. pretty casualy. Guess they already made up their mind about me before they met me in person.

Then last summer i had another interview in a quite well known studio. Phone interview first, then onsite interview. Had some interviews with the art lead and studio boss but all very casual and maybe 30 minutes per person. Spent a couple more hours in that studio checking everything out, eating lunch, casual talk with people and beers after work.

The third interview i had was quite short at one of the better known swedish studios. I only was in the studio for about an hour, didn't see much and didn't met many people. The interview went very smooth tho and they offered me a job.

Gotta say i like job interviews at game studios a lot more then the ones that i had in "the real world" in my earlier life. I'm usualy extremely shy when i don't know people or when i have some kind of pressure. So this was always in my way of job interviews. But in this industry i felt much more comfortable going to interviews, talking with people that i havent met etc.

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Think they'd help relocate a junior artist =P? I saw on the site that they are looking for an Outsourcing Artist at Crytek Frankfurt and from the job description, seems like something I could do.

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