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DeusEx at 5$ on Steam


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Bought the first one during Steam Holiday Sale, playing through it now though. Reallly liking it so far. Bought the 2nd one during this sale. Inferior to first one from what I hear, but for 2.50? Why not?

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It seems we are on the same mission Sentura.

This is the most current set of tweaks I could find so far (march 25 2010):

http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-nameless- ... -with-mods

Yep, basicaly what I did with my Ultra Config was merge all this together! (Apart from new vision, I'm using HDTP on mine)

I'm thinking about making a new updated version of the config, with the new forthcoming version of new vision, i was helping out those guys with a few textures. I might also have a word with the enb series creator and try and get the most out of it.

It's amazing how popular that Ultra High config for DeusEx is getting, it's like the world is finally realizing how badass DeusEx is and they wanna give it a go but they want to spice up the graphics a little bit since It's a definitely a bit outdated.

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