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[UDK] - Viking Forest WIP


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Hi all!

I'm currently working on a viking side-scrolling game using the UDK together with a bunch of swedish devs. This is an environment that I've made from scratch and its purpose is to be kind of a vertical slice of the style we're aiming for with the project.


Some things are still very rough, but will be polished/remade as I go along. The next step will be to bring in some mid-high vegetation, ground vegetation and just re-arrange stuff into a more interesting composition. I'll keep you posted with my progress :)

Crits and feedback would be awesome : D

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Looks really great! The branches look really repetitious though, try breaking them up with longer branches of different shapes. Also, the background could perhaps use a little more depth. It seems to just cut off very abruptly.

Apart from those two crits though, I think it looks great! :D

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more variations and scale up/thicken the "detail" parts (branches and grass).

color and mood is lovely but trees could need a few variations. from the last sidescroller project i've worked on it seems like a very good choice to go with lots of vertical elements to increase felt speed.

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Some branches with extra variation like has been mentioned wouldn't go amiss. If the player is running along the path which i presume he is, the foreground seems a bit cluttered.

I love the half way cartoon/real look you have going on in the proportions and texturing really nice work there.

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Thanks for all the valuable feedback guys! Most appreciated :)

I fully agree about those trees. Will redo them entirely the next thing I do and give them some more love. The rocks will also be redone from scratch as the current ones are really rushed, but trees first!

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Wow, I'm slow. Finally got an update for you guys.


Still have the penis twig ones in there, but I've made a modular branch to break them up a bit, so just ignore those for now :P. This is still a test scene for style, lighting and texturing so I haven't really bothered to fill the whole scene yet. Have been playing around with the textures, the lighting, post-processing and shaders to cream out some more detail and set the mood. Had a real struggle to make a suitable shader for pines, but this is what I ended up with after a lot of fiddling:


Ginger Lord: Hehe, I've been wanting to see that movie for some time now, haven't gotten around doing that yet. Their style is very different from ours though. While How to train your dragon's got a very american cartoon style, we're aiming for a simplified and slightly exaggerated take on scandinavian folklore, using artists such as Theodore Kittelsen and John Bauer as our main inspiration, with a hint of our own personal style in the mix.

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