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Riot Aftermath Scene - WIP Thread


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So, I'm making enough headway on this project at the moment I think to strike up a WIP thread. Hopefully I will be able to update this periodically, Uni workload permitting :ninja:. Having a thread should also keep me motivated. I also plan on releasing the assets at some point, save it just gathering dust on my hard drive once I'm finished with it.

Basically my plan for this is to create a "post riot" scene loosely inspired by Belfast during The Troubles. A side plan that might happen depending on how I feel about the content that I make for this scene is to expand the idea into a little bit of a L4D2 campaign. But at the moment this is purely a personal exercise which will hopefully provide a strong portfolio piece at the very least.

First asset I have been working on is this Humber Pig. Modeling is done now, UVing and Skinning come next. Mostly detail and the interior added, some other tweaks and modifications to geometry here and there. Thanks for the comments about the wheels in the model WIP thread, I think I've fixed that issue, was doing the old "what I thought it looked like as opposed to properly studying the ref's I had."




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Looking good, nice and clean. Have you considered making a high-detail high poly of the truck and baking the details onto the low poly version? Would be good if you posted the mesh as well! Oh, and have you made any concept art or what not of the scene?

Looking forward to the progress.

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Wow, so there was no way I was expecting this to take a week, but it just turned out to be one of those weeks where odd things kept popping up. I considered a high-poly model for this and even started one, but in the end if you check some photographs images of an actual Humber Pig, there isn't that much more detail to include, I didn't feel the time needed to model the high-poly would have been worth the payoff in this case. Not to mention I haven't really explored high-poly modeling in any depth yet, one of the things I hope to get to grips with somewhere in this project, I might revisit this and do a model for the wheels before all's said and done.




This is just diffuse at present, I'm going to take a break from working on it and concentrate on some other bits of the scene for a while to save myself getting burnt out.

Currently I haven't produced any concept art myself, though I plan to. But this whole project was kicked off/inspired by this piece http://radojavor.deviantart.com/art/Belfast-41548645 he's got some other awesome pieces in his gallery. I've got some ideas of how i want my scene to look, but the general mood is going to stay very similar.

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That's a really competent diffuse map, digging it! I would add more wear and grunge to the bumper though, it looks a bit too clean compared to the rest of the vehicle. The inside on the other hand looks a bit too dirty and uninspired (everything seems made out of concrete). You could give it a bit more personality by adding decals and a little bit of story.

Some cool pics I found:



Hope that helps, keep it up!

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Well, a bit of a gap, been finishing off all my assignments for the year. They're done now which means plenty more time to work on this.

First of thanks for those tips on the Humber Minos, I plan on detailing the back with some props a bit like the survivor dens in L4D. I'm undecided on adding some decals, I could do but it would mean a third texture map on the model which seems a little excessive, I'd be able to write some text on the outside though which would be a nice touch. I also added the wear and tear to the front, and the outside has a normal and specular on it now.


And here's a bit of a photo montage I've been scrubbing together to get an overall feel of how I'd like this thing to feel. I'm gonna work on this, and maybe do a couple of others over the next few days to decide where I'm gonna head with this.


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Another sporadic update. Been working on another concept, only really like the foreground in this though, decided i was taking too long working it over and have started roughing the scene out in hammer. Should be able to start getting the assets for this together soon.



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I started in source because I originally planned on making a L4D2 campaign in the setting, but the amount of time it's taking me to chip away at this that idea is looking a little more like it wont be happening now. Anyway, I've managed to find some more time/motivation to work on this in the last few days and it seems I might be able to get this finished soon. I now have most of the important structural elements for the pub and it's textures completed, just a few detailing props left now. As this is the most complex building in the scene it shouldn't take me nearly as long to work on the assets for everything else, as a lot of it is mostly shared between the houses in the background anyway.


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