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Summer contract?


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I have over the pasts week been trying to come up with what I really want to do in the few months of summer holiday that we have. And really, what I would like to do the most is develop games :) So I am wondering if it would be possible to find some kind of contract position for just 2 months during the summer anywhere in the world? I am not exactly looking to earn great amounts of money or anything, but rather to use my time on something more interesting than laying at the beach or getting drunk.

Have any of you guys tried something like this? And is it possible at all? We unfortunately only have two months available which is obviously not too much time to get into the tools and pipelines at a company, so I realize there is not that much a company can gain, even if I consider myself to be a fast learner and easily adopts new tech. But if it would be possible then it would be a great thing, because there is really not much I would love to do more than spend my summer working at a games studio somewhere in the world. Anyone who knows of studios who would be possible candidates for a such deal?

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I don't think any studio will allow someone to come by for a couple of months just to have something to do. If you know basic art or programming you can probably get to hang out at some basement cellphone games studio, but if I was you I'd pick the beach over that.

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Why not doodle and make something yourself in Unity and try to earn a few bucks off of an iPhone game or something? 2 months seems like an appropriate time to put 1 game together.

I like to get out, see something new and work with other people and I believe I can learn much more from that than sitting alone at home.

But thanks for the feedback, I have now found an excellent little indie studio who are working on a very promising game from their Hamburg location ;) Getting stuff like this solved in a day = mapcore win.

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