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Games industry investment review released


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A lot went into that deck and it was obviously targeted at the investment community as it had quite a bit of video games M&A Finance 101 in it. Some of the content was spot on and very insightful, yet some of it was actually out of date and very inaccurate. I actually saw this deck already and honestly I didn't have have time yet to go read every slide thoroughly. Interestingly the main company I partner with in my business was listed as a source for one of the slides.

Overall verdict: :roll: + :| + :eng101:

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MMO audience share was way off for some games, accurate for others.

Assumptions depending on dollar volume of particular business models in Asia were out of date.

Little things like that. On the whole not a big deal.

Overall Ibis should be commended for bringing all that together in one deck, assuming you are a portfolio manager or hedge fund investor type trying to make sense of the increasing complexity of this business. Honestly I could not have built that deck but M&A finance is not my area of expertise anyway. :celebrate:

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