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Show us ya FOOLS!

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It’s time for April Fools 2010! We’re constantly updating this page with new April Fools jokes as we find them. If you spot a good one please leave it in the comments. Thanks!

Google Wave

Google announced Google Wave wave notifications for Google Wave. See the details here – Google will send an actual human to you to tell you when there’s a new Wave in your inbox.

Our Grade: B- (bonus points for the video)


YouTube: who cares about HD when you can watch your videos in text. You can opt to watch a video in TEXTp or text only mode. Pretty neat.

Our Grade: A

Google Goes Nuclear

Techcrunch reports that Google is getting serious about nuclear research, and is building a uranium enrichment plant. Some experts say it’s for energy, other say it’s a nuclear deterrent against the China threat.

Our Grade: A+

It goes on and on!

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Apparently our friend skdr is joining Apple in July :)

The other one I found was that some scientists used a rendering farm of consoles to reconstruct the DNA of dodo birds and we now have the first two hatched eggs :)

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I got really mad when YouTube removed the TEXTp option after April Fool's (because I really thought it was awesome). So to cope, I wrote a pixel shader to recreate the effect.

Optimus Prime demonstrates.


I've still got a small bit of tweaking to do (mostly to the font map). I'm kind of interested to see where I can take this. I can already apply it to a live video stream in flash (I'll post swfs later). Also, because it's done in the Adobe Pixel Bender framework, there's a possibility I can turn it into a Photoshop Filter.

Sorry for posting this here, but I don't think this is far enough along to start its own thread. Also didn't know if it was relevant enough to go in the 2d WIP since... it's all done in code. Figured it's more relevant here than anywhere else.

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