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Gearbox Software COGs Program Now Online


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Do you want to break into the video game industry? Are you interested in a game development career with one of the best independent developers on the planet? The COGS program was designed to help future game makers take the first step into a professional game development career.

With the COGS program, the opportunity for future Dallas game makers to get their foot in the door has never been better.

Now Hiring Level Designers, Programmers, and artists. If you or someone you know is interested, just go here to find out more: http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/cogs.html

Level Designers

  • [*:68efuh4x] You will be working with Gearbox developers to prototype and develop content for future Gearbox games

    • [*:68efuh4x] Work with programmers and designers to create level scripting

      [*:68efuh4x] Plan level layouts and utilize design experience to create maps

      [*:68efuh4x] Create game flow and logic

      [*:68efuh4x] Work with artists to ensure aesthetic quality of the environments

[*:68efuh4x] Your online portfolio needs to include screenshots and descriptions of levels you've created, as well as info about the technology used to create them - levels must be created for a current generation game engine (Unreal, Doom, Source, etc)

[*:68efuh4x] You must be able to send us sample levels with source files upon request

[*:68efuh4x] May be required to take a design test

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hmm... Dallas really limits the amount of people applying to the program, i would be really up for it... if i wasnt going to SCAD next year and if i didnt live in Washington D.C........

Replace that with 'If I didn't live several thousand miles away and had bothered to get good at one single thing instead of dabbling with everything'.

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Oh oooooooh, hehe smart!

Cogs, gearbox, now I get it, wow took me a while <- I think that makes me not qualified :D

I'd apply if I was living bit less in finland and tad more to dallas or somewhere near.

Nice program tho, hope more game devs start to notice how hard it is to land a job in games industry (esp. people who DON'T live in usa).

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