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Jobye-Kyle Karmaker - Environment Artist


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//November 2014 Update//


Updated portfolio with my work on Far Cry 4! More on my site site: http://www.jobyek.com





Finally got a long overdue portfolio update up! (Haven't updated it since starting at Ubi :o!) Website is brand new and custom and it's been updated with all the Splinter Cell art I got to do for the 'Safehouse' level! Now to get some personal work going :)! Check it out! Let me know what you guys think!






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I like the stuff I'm seeing, if a little generic (everyone does guns) so maybe you want to try to diversify all that.

Portfolio wise:

- drop the home page

- make the bio the last category

- Make your desired position clearer, it's hard to understand you are a modeler / texture artist from the get go

- Make your 3D work a single category, mod and personal = the same thing

Overall, as you said, you'll need to make your own portfolio. I just think the entire framework simply doesn't translate well into a portfolio. It's very old school and clunky to navigate to me.

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Some of the texture could do with a quick touch up and I would re-render the tank in-game/in a viewer with better normal map support.


Image Showing what I mean.

Over than that small crits about the mp40 I like the weapons. Also the props are nice but I would remove some of the weaker pieces.

I personally would remove the Spartan helmet (too much wasted uv space also the texture is lacking); the Us zombie soldier and the alien bust sculpt. Also maybe touch up the texture on the car it looks really low res for such a high poly model.

Edit: Don't mind the spelling mistakes on the image I am just retarded.

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I'm planning to tweak/redo the textures for both the Zombie and the Spartan helmet at some point since I made them this summer and I've learned much since then and so that they'll be viable to keep. I agree for the tank, I'll probably go for a viewport screengrab as it shows the normal map better. The car doesn't have a texture, it's purely shaders. I'll have to retouch its shaders though and redo that page as well. As for the alien sculpt, what don't you like in it, just curious?

Thanks for the crits so far! Keep 'em coming :).

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The alien sculpt it just seems to have bad anatomy. I mean I know it is a alien, but it looks humanoid and therefore should have some decent anatomy. Also it seems to fall into the pitfall of zbrush. The fact that some areas are too soft and some are too hard and the overused stamping.

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I'd agree with the others and ditch the helmet, zombie soldier and alien head. They're not to the standard of the others. Hopefully College/Uni work will replace those quite easily and there should be a few more HaJ weapons to replace the others soon.

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Found a nice little site for making portfolios, carbonmade. I switched mine over to it: http://jobyek.carbonmade.com/

Still some work to do on splash screens and such, but in general I like it a lot. Haven't had the time to rework the textures and stuff everyone has commented on, but I definitely intend to rework the zombie soldier and the helmet to keep them viable for the portfolio. Just need to find the time this month =P. Only downside I find is that I can't make a page where I can have different links and such for LinkedIn and such, the "About" does the job, but don't know, it doesn't feel too obvious it's there? I'd rather have had little clickable pictures and such, but eh.

Also, what is the consensus with clicking vs scrolling to go through the galleries? I'm thinking scrolling is generally better right? On the upside, if I switch the scroll list I currently have to a gallery view like on daportfolio, my contact info would always be visible. Then again, I still have to put my info on each of the pics.

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So...I'm updating and finalizing my portfolio as I'll be applying for Modeler and probably other positions at Eidos Montreal come next week..there were new job openings this week! Here's the new site for my portfolio (just bought a domain!): http://jobyek.com

Any feedback on the content or how I arranged the categories or what I say in the about? Is there anything you think I should take out? I need some honest feedback! I'll be updating my WWI: Source stuff tomorrow, but the Farm scene and HaJ stuff are pretty much done. The Farm is only missing the final general render of the whole farm. Gotta say, Marmoset is great for quick renders of your models and textures...looks fantastic! Also, finally, I decided to scrap the whole Personal Work section with the zombie, helmet and quietus mod props, as many have said, they are way below what I can do now.

Once the portfolio is all up and polished this weekend, I'll be starting the job hunt next week starting with Eidos Montreal and will branch out to the other companies to get a head start on all the Montreal 3D graduates this year who'll probably all start searching in mid-may or so. I'll be applying for Modeler, Texture Artist and Level Artists (I'll try this, but I know I haven't done enough scenes) positions in most companies most likely. Oh and kleinluka, if you read this, do you think I can send my stuff to you? If you could get it into the right hands and such, would be great :)!

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Just updated my portfolio in time for the MIGS and a possible job opportunity at Ubisoft Toronto :)! I've gotten some good comments so far from some industry folks today at MIGS and through Twitter. Any feedback is welcome!


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About time I ditched Carbonmade and built my own site from scratch! Did a mockup tonight in PS, feedback (layout, fonts, whatever!)? Highlighted/colored icons and titles, apart from the Env Artist title are meant to be hoverable links that you can click on.



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The work is fantastic! AAA quality mate. Don't know what the first posters saw, but I'm sure this was not it =P


Loved the game btw!


Thanks! Haha yeah, that was feedback for my old portfolio from yearrrrrs ago! I just updated the same ol' thread :P.


@LATTEH Cheers! Doing my portfolio shots and seeing some colleagues' GDC talks in the last few weeks about the game make me wanna play it again too ;P!

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