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I think some of the popularity of the Source engine games is just that though.. because the technology is old they can run on the lower-end systems and people from poorer countries and regions who can't afford the biggest brand new PC can play the games quite easily.

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LOL this is a re-envisioning of the Lemmings game. Trailer made me laugh!  

It's a bit of a shame for people who want anothe rgame by Valve but there is no surprise in this. Mobile is a huge market today and a portal IP can make tons of money (look at how a Fallout one is pop

Mapping for Portal 2 has made me realize how important BSP is for it... I can't imagine prototyping this in an editor with crappy BSP or grayboxing tools. In that sense, tools-wise, it's a perfect fit for Source. Maybe BSP isn't as dead as everyone thinks it is.

bsp is just a way of showing visible clusters at a time instead of rendering the entire map. i don't see why people call it outdated, most data structures like the bsp have been created like 50 years ago and are still in use today.

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Suddenly: http://www.thinkwithportals.com/blog.php?id=5443&p=1

Today we're opening up the beta of the Portal 2 Authoring Tools to everyone! It's available as a free download for all owners of the PC version of Portal 2 and can be found under the "Tools" tab in Steam.

The Portal 2 Authoring Tools include versions of the same tools we used to make Portal 2. They'll allow you to create your own singleplayer and co-op maps, new character skins, 3D models, sound effects, and music.


The tools also include a huge amount of instances to get things going.

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but brushes have nothing to do with the bsp structure :lol:


Yes, yes, we all know what BSP actually is

But in this forum, "BSP" has evolved as slang for "brushwork." It's been in usage for a while...





and that concludes this public service announcement

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I just finished it... epic. :o

And on the topic of the source engine.. I think the industry broke the immersibility/believability barrier in the early/mid 2000s. I've never played a source engine game which required a significant leap of faith to believe what is going on. I replay HL2/ep1/ep2 every so often, and I'm never struggling to cope with outdated graphics like I do playing HL1 or anything of that generation, and HL2 is going on 7 years old. Granted, it pales in comparison graphically to the Crysis games or Uncharted or etc, but for me, those enhancements are "sugar on top" - source graphics are good enough for me to be able to fully appreciate the story and gameplay aspects without being distracted by fractures in graphical immersion.

Valve continues to tweak Source to bring a little bit more to the table, and combined with their superb level designers and environmental artists, can still drop my jaw from time to time. Parts of Portal 2 had me gaping, and nothing in between had me yearning for more.

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