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I always preferred SP games on top of MP's.

And when I play MP's, I stay with 1on1 or very small teams of TDM's. The only game i actually enjoyed the mayhem was TF2. In any other games, i find it frustrating dieing by acident just because some fucker spawned behind me, if I ever die it should be a punishment for my skills (or lack of) not due to randomness or bad game design and spawn points placement. (Yes, I mean you CoD)

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LOL this is a re-envisioning of the Lemmings game. Trailer made me laugh!  

It's a bit of a shame for people who want anothe rgame by Valve but there is no surprise in this. Mobile is a huge market today and a portal IP can make tons of money (look at how a Fallout one is pop

/disclaimer: I never play MP games except for some Valve games from time to time


Because the only MP experience I'm willing to play is one I can control fully, with my own friends and only them, on our own rented server. No kids, no screaming, no insults, and I sure don't want to have to pay XBL on top to get in on that. My friends are on Steam, and Steam is the only platform that will allow us to do all this. And we play the games most of us have, which in turn proves to be Valve games.

Gaming to me has always been, in the past until DoD, a SP only thing. I am much more enthusiastic about being immersed in a SP game by myself than raging about whoever's actions online.

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Just finished it, what a truly amazing game. I feel like a fool for doubting whether Valve could make a full length Portal game work, but with all the additions they add to spice things up then it just works like a charm. Some crazy good level design that often made me stop up and think things through, but I'd always figure out the solution before it got frustrating, excellently paced through the entire thing. Also pretty impressive how well the Source engine looks in this, found myself staring at plants and at the muddy water once in a while :D

Now, co-op time!

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i think you're all overselling it (as seem to be the standard around these parts). the new mechanics were frustrating more than fun to play around with

(especially the funnel, oh how i fucking hate you funnel)

, and i spent way too much time getting pissed off trying to figure out the puzzles

(especially some of the ones in old aperture between the spheres. put some goddamn visual hints so i don't have to sit half an hour trying to figure out just how to move to the next goddamn puzzle)

. wheatley was annoying in the beginning, but gets funnier over time (near the end, he's pretty goddamn funny, though i will say that the accent has much to do with this).

the way he listed ingredients in one of the puzzles literally made me lol every time i had to retry it


writing is still top notch, and apart from the slightly predictive main story, the character development was excellent. visually, the new look gave the game some spice, but didn't really do it for me until

the salt mine/old aperture science

, which was awesome in both concept and construct.

still a good game, just nowhere near as awesome as the first.

Anyone else notice the Super 8 level in the extras. Pretty cool.

yeah, i thought that was awesome. i don't know how the movie will be, but the idea of making an interactive trailer like this is nice. probably one of the few movies ill get to watch this year.

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