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Yes it's definitely coming, even more so because it will be funded by an industry that is exponentially bigger than the gaming industry and is currently struggling to find new ways to grow: Advertisement media.

You could see it coming when they started attaching labels to flies and releasing them in rooms so people would see the message when swapping them away :)

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At my daytime job we actually discussed this a couple of months ago in our programmer team; that we should try to implement game play ideas into our product more so that the whole experience because more fun. We're making an ERP soloution/Economy software for small businesses.

And here I thought I was clever and being the only one who thought of this idea.

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All software companies need to implement an achievement system for their products so that when you do something you've never done before (that is hopefully productive and does not involve system crashes) you get an achievement. For example, when you create a pivot table in Excel you get an achievement.

Ok maybe unrealistic but in terms of health care there is a book I read last year called "TH3 NUM3RATI" that features a section on implementing some dubious big brother monitoring systems into people's homes to more accurately track medical data on a daily/hourly/minutebyminute basis as opposed to annual checkups that tell doctors nothing without overall context of a patient's life in the year since the last checkup.

Speaking of run-on sentences...

...you could implement a health and wellness achievement system where your activities are tracked and you get achievement points for exercise and "contra" achievements for engaging in activities like smoking. The best part is there is absolutely no chance of privacy rights being violated (wait...that doesn't sound right :? ) and it will solve this nagging healthcare debate in the US.


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I taught a game design class and tried using an achievement-style system for grading / attendance... it failed because that meant I had to keep track of said achievements and it was a total pain the ass. I mean, it sounds great in theory, but without a computer (or an underpaid aide) to track and log everything for you in the real world, then it's really not worth the relatively meager gains.

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