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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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i just played singleplayer properly for the first time (as russia) and i basically handed it to them in wars. the great general buildings are insanely powerful in combination with artillery. and cossacks just plain kick ass with flanking, i took over 8 cities in a row using only 4 of them. i can't help but feel they made the game a bit too easy - im playing a pangaea map and nobody dares to attack me up until the 1600?

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I've been cranking the difficulty up with each game I've played. Started on 2 (Chief?), then 4 (Prince) and now I'm on 5 (King). I dislike that they have to give the AI better stats to make them tougher foes, but my last two games were simply too easy as I fought my way through all other Civs. Planning on going for a culture or science victory this time around, although I'm sure the AI will try and arm wrestle with me at one point.

Oh and I'm not playing anything larger than small world maps again, at least not until they patch it or something. At the end of my last game on a Standard sized map, each AI turn took about 1 minute to finish, where most of that time it basically just froze the screen. Grotesquely unoptimized, this game is. Run perfect when it's your turn, but the AI.....FFFFUUUUUU

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War is the easiest and most boring way to win Civ imo. I found cultural or scientific win a real challenge on king difficulty. If you don't get in trouble with your neighbors who will force you to focus on military then there is at least one other civilization somewhere else that stays ahead of you due to aggressive conquering tactic.

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