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Kevin Cytatzky - Level Designer


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Nice to see you here sklare! 8)

And of course, lovely work. I would remove the 2D stuff though, simple because it's more of a personal thing than showing off your related skills. I would also like to see some workflow notes about your DM levels, just like for the Ball ones. It's much more interesting than the generic level descriptions.

Keep pewing :ninja:

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- I don't believe portfolios need a "news" page, especially such a small one. If you want to post news, you can always add a sort of devblog page, but visitors should reach directly the core of your work, namely what's called "3D" now.

- The 2D page is too empty to be an asset in your portfolio, you should get rid of it until you have much more 2D content to show, or at least not put it before 3D in the menu's order.

- Your Sklare logo is alright, but considering how small your content area is, the logo gets in the way of your assets. Generally, I don't see why your content area should be limited in height. It wouldn't be difficult to have it fit the text and pictures, and would feel much more natural to browse.

- The 3D page that lists your levels isn't "visual" enough. Since that's the first thing people will see of your website (assuming you follow the advice to make it your homepage), it should catch the eye instantly. I suggest keeping the previews static instead of showing them when you hover on a link, and have one preview per level. You could possibly print the level name onto the preview to save space. That way, that first page would show the variety of your levels at a single glance , will be more straightforward and speak to the viewer more than text does.

Here's an example of what I suggest (the gradient background got screwed up and the logo's blue-on-blue makes it hard to read, but you get the point):


I didn't enlarge the content area, but by doing so you could put bigger pictures directly below the text, and save the visitor a few clicks to check them out. In most cases, it's better to have to scroll down than to click. So another suggestion would be this (again, without the background glitches)


Finally, but that's minor: that double arrow next to the level's name is used to go back to the levels list. I would suggest using this opportunity to ease navigation even more by having a left double arrow that shows the previous level, right double arrow that shows the next one, and a "up" arrow that takes you back to the list. That way, you can browse all levels without having to go back to the list x-times.

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whats the point of this image:


is there some hidden functionality to see it clearly? if not, then drop it.

simplicity means dropping everything that has no use or makes things more complicated than required.

i have to agree that the big name is damn annoying. why do you make thumbnails anyway? just put the large images in a single page and arrange them vertically. every browser has a scroll functionality.

another thing that no one cares about is how "skilled" you think you are with a certain tool. just say you have experience with it an then you are fine. if someone really cares, he/she will definitely ask you.

content wise i can't comment much. seems like the average 3d content nowadays to me.

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