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Any male voice over actors here?

Wesley Tack

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Been trying to get some voice overs done for some time now and I was wondering if there are any free voice over enthusiasts here who would be willing to do some quick lines?

Something along the lines of:

Basically imagine being in an action packed fire fight, but of course not overacting / shouting either :P

These are the commands we need for Off Limits:

*Encounter commands*


Enemy Spotted

Juggernaut Spotted

Need Backup

Go go go

*Position commands*


Position covered

Position overrun

Defending this position

Hold this position

Regroup at this position

Report in team

*Communication commands*


Affirmative - Roger

Negative - No can do - Fuck Off

Requesting Pickup - I need a ride over here

Fire in The Hole

I added some variations for random picking in game. If you can also add a static/radio click effect yourself, that would be a plus :)

Either way, if anyone is interested please contact me or reply here.

Thanks in advance!

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I'll try and be helpful here, but I really have no idea if that's even good. Basically Ginger Lord asked for voice actors for Ham and Jam, and I said I would post that on the steam forums to try and get the dods fans to do it.

One of the replies said to check out voiceactingalliance.com instead, supposedly that's what these guys do

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