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ol tries to make textures, laugh


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so im gonna post the stuff im working on as i learn to texture and you guys can make fun of me but also help me to learn! its fun!

im not gonna make worldtextures so these are just practice for skinning techniques.


(its supposed to be paint with sum rust under it)



not sure which i like

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Like the colours on the rust wall. Looks like painted with blood...

Wood that is that dark and relatively saturated is wet wood. As in wood which has been submerged for considerable time. I don't know if that is what you are aiming for? The grain pattern in the wood looks more like a fir, spruce or pine, and they have much, much lighter colours. Something to consider. My 0.02...

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Just a few pointers:

1) Be aware of contrast/saturation - some of those textures look far too contrasty/saturated

2) Dont use layer effects, the last one looks like it may have a dropshadow (?)

3) Dont use grunge brushes for textures, your better off hand painting in detials or useing a photo refrence and then hand painting ontop of that.

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