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Apple tablet!?!?!?


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Here's a link that you can set to auto refresh for live blogging on the apple announcements today.

http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/27/live ... &refresh=0

My original plan was twitter but people are saying it's very likely it will go down at some point. It's all of course speculation at this point but yesterday on MSNBC the Mcgraw-Hill CEO (book/textbook publisher) slipped up about the content they're developing for the new platform.

I've had a PC tablet for years now and I love it. I remember how people were making fun of microsoft for endorsing tablets about 5 years ago so the announcement today will be a validation of sorts. Regardless though based on apples track record it will be cool to see what they bring to the table, particularly the input device. I hope it's not just like the axiotron modbook because that would be lame.

Let the fanboyism/speculation/hate begin!

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Looks pretty nice. I have absolutely no need for one, but there's probably gonna be plenty of people where it's going to hit a sweet spot for their needs.

It's pretty bizarre if it actually doesn't do flash tho, some of the tech blogs picked up on a bit where it showed the "plugin not installed" icon on a site, speculating that, like the iPhone, it doesn't run flash. That would be pretty damn weak for something they're pushing as the ultimate way to browse the web :)

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By my calculation, since it has "1000 touch sensors" on the screen, each sensor has to be roughly .2" x .2" if they're square. So if you wanted to write and have recognition, you'd have to write big. Really big. Standard college rule lines are .28". That resolution might work for basic gesture commands, but as far as writing.. no.

So they did it. Made a huge (and kinda ugly. Looks disproportionate as hell) iPod touch. Revolutionary.

I'm thoroughly unimpressed.

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