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Frankfurt get together....part 2


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That's right folks, let's try and get together in Frankfurt the first week of February as I'll be going back in Europe then. I would very much like to meet all the Cry.Core guys and all Frankfurters around a beer or ten :)

Mad props to any Crytek guy who can get me a tour of the office (I'll sign an NDA) while I'm there. I would really like to visit you guys as I'm planning a permanent return to the Old Continent :)

You guys pick the place, I'll make sure to be there and pay the first round. Any place I can crash, or hotel in the vicinity?

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Here are the details for my trip to Frankfurt. I'll try to get a cell phone (still have mine, need to get a prepaid card) so I can call you guys.

Arrival in Frankfurt at 5PM on Tuesday, Feb 2nd

Departure to Lille, France at 1PM on Thursday, Feb 4th

I take it we'll be going for beers around downtown, so booking a hotel around the trainstation sounds like a good idea. I looked up Crytek on google maps and I can probably get some bus or taxi to drop me there. Is there a place you guys would recommend hotel wise?

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