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dm_forlorn (previously dm_rain)


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I started this in October as a project to work on in my spare-spare time, with the goal of finishing it quickly. The result is a bread and butter Half Life 2: Deathmatch map going by the hyper-original name dm_rain.

It is fairly small and was designed to play tight and fast, with support for teamplay.

I'd really like some feedback as I'd like to have this map finished and done with, I'm happy with how it is at the moment and I don't really want to have to pump out half a dozen beta versions. Any feedback at all would be beautiful.

After a month and a bit of procrastination, I finally got all the suggested changes from around the internetz implemented into a final version. Changed the name too because it was too plain and didn't work to well.

LINK TO FINAL VERSION: http://www.filefront.com/15702465/dm_forlorn.rar/

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I haven't got HL2 installed atm, but I really like the atmosphere from the pictures!

Only thing I can spot in these shots is that 1) the green texture under the grass is too green, I mean, the trees are almost dead and the grass is brown, but the floor under it is healthy green? 2) that black area on the right of the windows on the first shot looks like a render issue and sticks out compared to the second one.

Good work!

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I like the atmosphere, but the layout of the buildings are a little to 90 degreed.

Agreed I think the light feels pretty nice and there's a good distribution of detail throughout the level.

Tho one of the biggest concerns when I look at it is that even tho it's raining it doesn't feel wet at all... Now I do know that this level probably use stock HL2 content so wouldn't be too easy to change unless you copy all materials (that cover larger areas and you actually notice) change the specular masks to be brighter, try and darken the diffuses generally slightly.

Since source is all cubemapped there's much you could do to achieve a wet look on materials. Like having small puddles and such going on in the mud/grass area. Anyway it's probably not worth the hazzle if you feel you wanna leave this project soon. But it's something to think about if you're gonna do a rainy level again. It really adds a lot to the whole scene if you can get the materials to feel wet then :)

Anyway the level looks tight overall :)

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

Turns out there is a problem with the env_fog_controller in b1. It looks perfectly fine on my rig, just as it does in the screenshots, but when rendered any other rig, it ends out looking like this: http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/1001 ... b10000.jpg (props to aaron_da_killa for the screen).

To remedy the problem I simply re-compiled and uploaded a new .bsp without any fog, which looks a bit odd at first, but better than it would if it was wondrously broken.

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Maybe a bit later but, here we go.

I like the colors and light, it really feels like a rainy day : ) the problem is the sound, I think it sounds more like a fountain or a waterfall than rain, or at least rain on water.. and there are no puddles.. :z

The other thing that I noticed is that your map needs a bigger skybox, because it's possible to shoot or throw objects at it, even hand granades.

just my 2cents.


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