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I'm not sure what the best solution is off hand for this. Even if your username were deleted, Google wouldn't clear that stuff from its cache for potentially weeks — and the original posts would still exist, they'd just be assigned to 'Guest'.

Changing your username might work better, as they may just think it's someone else? You'd still have the problem of Google results, but at least it wouldn't patently be you. You could always do a quick check through your posts that appear on Google and try and edit anything incriminating out.

Also bear in mind that EOT is not accessible or even visible to unregistered users.

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I don't expect them to start pulling my birth certificate or anything dux, I'm just being cautious. If I were hiring someone who worked primarily online I'd google any project/company/product on their resume if for nothing else but curiosity. It's sort of like the 21st century version of calling your references.

http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/08/2 ... pplicants/

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Didnt you know if you say anything on the interwebs it'll come back to haunt you in real life! :shock:

We all say things we regret at some point or another, we all have opinions and they often change. I wouldnt work for an employer who pretends to be important enough to scan your history. Unless it's goverment, and lets face it they would just do it anyway :P

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Because I'm a doofus on mapcore and say things I wouldn't in real life :D

Perhaps the answer is to be more of a doofus IRL?

2d-chris, this stuff isn't just anecdotal. I did consultant work for a bunch of head hunting firms in NYC and internet background checks have been the norm for years. Usually people don't go beyond the obvious stuff like facebook/myspace/typing pertinent information into google and seeing what comes back. Some HR people pay for this 3rd party program where you put in the email address on the resume and it searches web 2.0 services for public accounts.

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