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HL2 sales recap...how did you ACTUALLY buy your copy?

How did you buy Half Life 2?  

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  1. 1. How did you buy Half Life 2?

    • Steam Gold Option
    • Steam Silver Option
    • Steam Bronze Option
    • Retail Boxed Copy
    • Retail Special Edition
    • Did not buy it

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walked into best buy for spiderman 2 dvd, came out with Half-life 2 as well. Installed it at home, and realized i should of waited becasuse my dual 1.4 athlon was sufferring. Now its sitting idle on my HD until I can experience it in its beauty:D

Only a few months before its going to be played. Was a little disappointed since it was not on dvd like Ut2004. 5 CDs was alot ;)

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Thanks Klein for clearing that up.

Actually saw the diff ones at the shops here today. CE Retail blows abit in comparasion to the Steam GOLD. So next month in Jan when I start my new job I think I'll buy Steam GOLD and the retail box with Gordon on.

GOLD better not be a limited offer, doubt it though, as they would want their other ports to go to the public. Meh, time.

- Ewok

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i bought steam:silver, through steam, and i have to say it went pretty smoothly for me :) i mean i know its not like i have any actual object to hold, like a cd, or a retail box, but you dont buy the game to hold the box do you...anyway i hopw DoD:S comes out soon...looks good so far, but its been like a month...

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