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HL2 sales recap...how did you ACTUALLY buy your copy?

How did you buy Half Life 2?  

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  1. 1. How did you buy Half Life 2?

    • Steam Gold Option
    • Steam Silver Option
    • Steam Bronze Option
    • Retail Boxed Copy
    • Retail Special Edition
    • Did not buy it

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Retailed box copy. The whole steam thing didn't appear very safe to me, I was afraid of server overloads and that I couldn't play the game from the day on it was released.

It's on DVD of course, no silly north-american CD collections ;)

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You should have added the option "stole it from the weakest looking guy coming out the game shop, which actually was 3 dan swordmaster and actually carries his katana where ever he goes (hmh, that figures), but I got it finally just by being the one who wanted the game more so even bleeding woulds I continued to beat him with a hose till my arm went numb so I had to change my arm, finally victory is mine, what? oh crap the sissyboy bought sims 2"

Now there would have been one more answer on that poll :P

j/k I bought retail which came like 4 days after the official release date, makes me so angry!

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the dvd version came with a case, and a little manual/game guide excerpt and a shirt..

yes i wore it


Did.. did it make you feel more.. Half-Life? I have allways wondered about that, since I don't own any game shirts nor band shirts. Do they make you feel like a game :-o

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Wait a sec. I'm confused. I want to buy it soon, but don't know how.

I want GOLD because I want everything. But I saw Steam GOLD is the package without the hardcore copy of the game. Which totally sucks. I want the game hard copy and the goodies.

I'm thinking of getting Steam GOLD and the retail box with Gordon on it (Is that the collectable?). Just like KFS. Or is there a GOLD package for retail, that has a hard copy of the game and the cool extra goodies?

- Ewok

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collectors edition consists of a hl2 t-shirt (b/w), the dvd, and a prima strategy guide with concept art and stuff in it. the box is black and has g-man, alyx and gordon on it.

you cant get the gold package as retail. read the steam site for the contents of the steam packages.

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