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Totally random concept/sketch thread

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The lines are laying too much on top of the face, seem to be an extra layer, which takes away the sense of depth. Also, ears are on one line with the eyes. When it comes to drawing humans there's only one way and that is draw from reality, a lot.

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i like the second version better. in the first, the solution for the nose doesn't seem to be "it", i can't think of any other way, but a grey line when all other lines are black just seems weird. in the second it works much better

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the smudging was NOT that obvious in my paint over ! :D

sentura came to me in IM and demanded to know what tips i gave dux

all right so lets take this show public first of all here is the paint over i did based on the white background picture took about 10 minutes didnt think i had anytime for this at all because i had friends coming over but they were late so i could squeeze it in but because of the time constraint there was no cleaning up going on which might be have turned out to be a good thing because than you can see basically every brush stroke i made:


-i recommended using a background color that fits the mood of the image ( or more precisely starts creating the mood )

-add obvious light sources/directions and brighten up parts of the "model" accordingly

-use the color dodge add blending mode on your brush and use the inky brushes in photoshop not the gradient ones

-work from dark to bright and from big areas to small details always !

-added the hands purely based on highlights there is no outline or flatly diffuse lit area on the skeleton hands at all

- cropped the image to give it a better rule of thirds / triangle composition ish look square ratios just don't look good in paintings if you ask me ... dont know why that is ! ... also note that i cropped away a bit of the scythe and the straps its not important that you ENTIRE subject is in the picture only that the composition is nice ! id recommend keeping a psd aroudn with the entire subject on it anyway though and also rendering ti out fully !

-i painted with big dark brush stokes over most of the leather straps they were to detailed and took away too much attention/focus in the original drawing.

- i used the liquify tool ( found under filters) to exaggerate a the proportions a bit and give the leather straps more swoosh !

than dux implemented the suggestions as you can see above ! which yielded a handful of new problems and he ignored or forgot about a couple of my original suggestions:


so lets discuss this for a sec:

1 ) no cropping the picture is still very much square you dont need that space on the sides !

2 ) the highlight on the scythe grows in a manner that doesn't look like its coming from the overexposure but that the scythe is actuality widening the edge there which is weird.

3 ) that leather strap has too many direction changes some very obvious artifacts of the liquify tool make it more s shaped !

4 ) this little spark/soul on the right is avoiding the leather strap in 2d space another obvious liquify artifact id think that these little spirits don't care about what is in their path and just keep going make it cross the strap but dont make it stop right ON the strap like the one on the left also labeled with 4 stuff like that reads awkwardly!

5 ) somethign i didn't really address in my paint over but i got this vibe that the shoulders are of different height / size .. actually the entire right arm could get a more comfortable pose.

6 )the highlight goes down the arm all the way it shoudl be broken up by some horizontal faults in the elbow area

7 ) looks like i forgot to label it its the little soul orb under the scythe it would be much better for a triangle composition if it was heading the other way would make the flow of the picture better and make it way more readable all aroudn ( i heard people read images from the bottom left to the top right ... confirm anyone ? )

8 ) the soul fire has an awkward gab behind the strap on the left and all around the smudge cleanup is way too noticeable in this area all around i wound have reserved the smudging to the cloth lighting and not the fire make it rough with lots of brush artifacts i tell you that always looks great for fire and other particle ish fx !

9 ) the color ramp is interrupted by some milky/grey areas ... does not look good always make sure you have clean color ramps !

10)same as 7)

all around i very much enjoyed doing this paint over and i like how closely you tried to tackle all my criticism ! keep up the great work !

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