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Strange Lighting Problem on Treemodel


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Hallo all,

maybe someone can help my with a lighting problem on my treeleafes (i stuck on this for many days now).

I´ve build a quite simple Tree in XSI. A Trunk with a wooden texture and several branches with leafes build as a simple plane, pointing a little bit upwards.

The branch-leafes-plane uses a partly transparent texture realized by an alpha-channel and the alphatest-shader.

When i put the compiled tree into my Source-Map, all branches are shown overbright although the original texture is darker.

The strange thing is, when i turn the whole tree around, the lighting seems to be correct.

I´ve tried to turn some of the planes around in XSI but this does not change anything.

Maybe someone has an idea why my transparent texture is overbright?

See Screenshot for details.

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If memory serves it uses the origin of the model as a starting point to calculating the lighting. Plus, if you use the alphatest shader it's only doing very basic lighting any, so you tend to get artefacts everywhere. So -be careful with your origins and try and create a texture thats versatile and don't do anything too fancy with your lighting in areas where you have trees/

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