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Design & Development Workflow Practice Questionnaire


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I’m a third year University student currently studying for my final year within computer games design. I was wondering if your community could assist me in gathering some data for my dissertation.

My dissertation is an investigation into design & development workflow practice within computer games design/production and I am hoping you or your team can enlighten me to the processes you undertake when you create something for a project.

I am trying to gather research from a range of areas within game development to try and construct a design template for developers to work with as a basic structure to follow that can be edited with consideration to the current project.

If you could be so kind as to answer the following questions for me I would be very appreciative. Feel free to shoot me a PM with your answers;


Name :

Profession :

Role within the development/modding sector :

E.g. Level design, 3d modelling, animation, texturing, design etc.(can be a combination of numerous roles).

This could also include your working environment (office, home etc.)

Experience level :

*In years

*Any relevant educational background

If you are working on a project right now, could you please provide a brief overview of what it is you are doing to provide greater context for the following questions (if you are un-able please leave this space blank) :

Briefly describe the process you undertook when creating your latest asset. This includes;

*Tools used

*Steps taken as you worked/production model followed

(your process of work e.g. planning, production, implementation or I did this, then this, then went back and did this which allowed me to do this).

What is the estimated time you spent on creating this asset?

Is the process outlined and time spent usual for your development process?

What requirements would you have for a structured approach to follow as you worked?

This can include things like ease of use and specific features/consideration in comparison to a tool you use as an example.


I understand that some of the information I haveasked for will be confidential so feel free to omit anything you aren’t at liberty to divulge.

Thank you for all your help!

If you would like to track the progress of my dissertation project, feel free to view my blog at:


Feel free to ask any questions here.

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