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Splinter Cell: Conviction


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Cool stuff. Has it been announced yet if old versus SC MP is back? Still haven't seen anything about that :o

The game modes were announced in OXM:

“Deniable Ops”

• Hunter: Clear the map of enemies, alone or with your partner.

• Infiltration: Same concept as Hunter mode, but detection by enemies automatically results in failure.

• Last Stand: Protect an EMP warhead from waves of attacking foes.

• Face Off: The sole adversarial mode, with players going head-to-head with a customizable number of A.I. Opponents populating the map. (My favorite)

• You earn points through out the SP and MP.

• Change your character look online.

• Persistent Elite Creation system: Upgrade Weapons/Gadgets/Appearance.

• Six Maps (four for the story co-op and two only for Deniable Ops).

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