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Perfect Dark: Source - Programmer position

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Perfect Dark: Source is a source engine modification released in 2007 on the Ep1 engine.

Website http://www.pdark-mod.com

Dailymotion official http://www.dailymotion.com/pdarkmod

Moddb http://www.moddb.com/mods/perfect-darksource

Why Perfect Dark: Source?

It is the result of a common passion. Player yesterday, creator tomorrow. The concept of this game is the dream of all fanatic players. We are making this mod for our pleasure and undoubtedly for yours.

Perfect Dark ... This game had an incredible success, but you already know that. This game would deserve one minute of silence, in order to let us remember all the good moments spent in its company. We're trying to recreate all what we loved with using all the power we need provided by the Source Engine. We all dream to make revive this game, with physics and graphics up to date, with keyboard and mouse, with all the weapons and game mod we loved. An incrediblibly old-school gameplay meeting the next-generation requierements! Questions?

We are looking for programmers with a good knowledge of VALVE's Source engine (especially with the Orangebox engine build). Our only programmer is now full time job at Arkane Studios.

What are we looking for?

- Must be a Half-life 2 owner with Steam and those kind of stuff.

- Someone available using Msn Messenger to communicate would be appreciate.

- Someone with a good knowledge of C++ and working with Visual Studio or a similar software.

- Someone able to start and done a requested work.

Our tools


- Trac

If you are interested with this position please contact me at Seldoon182@hotmail.com . Sample of past and/or current work is needed. We are also looking for new dev in every position so feel free to contact me even if you don't give a shit at programming task! :P


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