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[source]selfillum on alpha texture?


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Anyone know how this works? No matter what i try i cant get both things to work at the same time.

I remember that i had the same problem when i worked for Insurgency and i remember that i figured it out eventualy (i created a glowing aimpoint for one of the weapons that was visible on night maps). They seem to have removed that lense tho so i cant look there how i did it :(

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Got it working now. You need two alphachannels. One in the diffuse texture and the other in the specular texture. The later will be used for the selfillum info. The stupid thing is that this seems to override the vertexlighting on a model (selfillum is set to 50% but still each plane has the same brighness now). So its not really what i tried to accomplish (which is kickass foliage) :/

My vmt looks like this:



	"$basetexture" "Cherrytree/cherryleafes01"

	"$envmapmask" "Cherrytree/cherryleafes01_spec"

	"$envmap" "env_cubemap" 

	"$alphatest" 1

	"$nocull" 1

	"$model" 1

	"$surfaceprop" "foliage"

	"$selfillum_envmapmask_alpha" 1


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lol Kokos @fucking up my post :D

Here is the picture again for the people who missed it:


On the left the tree with only diffuse and alpha, on the right the same tree with selfillum added after i got it to work properly (probably needs a little tweaking because the shadow areas might be a little too bright now).

Very cool tree :D, what i wonder actually... is how you managed to have a good resolution like that for your tree leaves ? When i use the render to texture option in tree[d], it seems to be stuck to 512*512, and always give me dirty pngs :(

That is a 512x512 texture for the leafs. However the single leaf that i used for the render in tree[d] was custom made. And i did some photoshopping afterwards to the colors and to the masking to give it a little more depth.


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